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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if my child has attended another Jewish Day School?
We welcome you! Students have transferred successfully from many other day schools, locally and nationally. Pre-admission interviews and testing are required.

2. What if my child has not attended a Jewish Day School?
It is never too late to start! Our faculty individualizes programs to meet the needs of every child. If your family is committed to a vibrant and intensive education, we are committed to your family and will work with your child to bring him/her up to class level.

3. What if we are not “Orthodox” or feel that we are less traditional than other families?
We encourage all interested families to join the The Hebrew Academy community where we emphasize respect and tolerance for all. We do not impose; we merely expose our children to the beauty of Judaism.

4. How does The Hebrew Academy’s curriculum compare to public school?
It has been shown that Day School students tend to score higher on national standardized testing than their counterparts in public schools. Small class size, low student to teacher ratio, outstanding and devoted faculty, dual curriculum, and current teaching methods will help your child reach his or her fullest potential. We focus on the individual student on each level of education.

5. What is the role of technology in the curriculum?
The mission of The Hebrew Academy’s Technology program is to promote the use of technology as a learning tool and to facilitate the development of academic skills by providing innovative and engaging technology opportunities for students and teachers.

6. Will the school be able to adequately challenge my child?
Absolutely! Our focus is on the individual and challenging each student to reach his or her highest potential. We maintain an exciting and rigorous program in both Judaic and Secular studies. Our faculty and administration are trained in the latest educational techniques to provide for each child’s individual growth.

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