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Preschool classroom


Children spend close to 7 hours a day in their classrooms, much like their parents who spend their workday in their offices. Bright and cheery, classrooms at The Hebrew Academy are like no other classrooms you’ve seen. Everything is designed to enhance the learning experience for our students.

The classrooms are carpeted, making for a warmer and less noisy learning environment. Large windows allow the sunshine to illuminate the classrooms. The desks are contemporary in style, and have an extra large working surface to allow students the space they need to have their textbook open on the desk and still be able to write comfortably in their notebooks or type on laptops.

Technology is critical tool for teachers and students alike. Every classroom has a Smart Board; each teacher has a computer on his or her desk; and students have computers as well. Teachers and students login with their own user name and password on any computer in the school, so even if they switch classrooms they can always access their files which are stored on a server. Each classroom has its own laser printer, so teachers and students can print out their assignments, reports and important information.

At The Hebrew Academy, teachers do more than teach – they help facilitate learning by getting students to take charge of their learning. The use of technology in the classroom as a daily experience empowers students, and makes learning exciting - and rewarding.

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