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Wednesday, 21 April 2010 17:40

Make the world a better place!

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On 28 Nissan, 5770, The Hebrew Academy students learned about this special date. ‘28’ is the numerical value of the word ‘koach’ and Nissan is a month of especial ‘koach’ – strength and power. The 28th of Nissan is the ‘strength of the strength,’ so to speak, and therefore is a powerful day on which to make a resolution. On this day The Hebrew Academy students pledged to help bring Moshiach closer. They said:

To make this world a better place I will…

Pre Schoolers said:

…smile a lot today.

…put money in the Tzedaka box.

…plant flowers.

…pick up the toys.


…listen to Hashem and daven to Him.


…Mitzvos like helping a stuck car or giving Tzedakah.

…visit or help someone who is sick or help my parents.

…pick up garbage outside.

…make sure nobody steals anything and be good to our Morot.

1st GRADERS said:

…listen to my Mom and Dad and be good.

…will help someone just to help them.

…help a person when they are sick.

…when my mother or father calls me I will come right away.

…help my parents.

…listen to my parents right away.

2nd - 8th GRADERS Said:

…help my Mom and Dad.

…will clean up after I am done doing something with my friends and my brother.

…help my Mom and Dad clean the house and smile.

… help a person with their work.

…sit in class and pay attention.

…help teachers.

…open doors for people.

… be nice to everyone and my family.

…learn extra hard and I will focus more than usual.

…daven very hard.

…help out at home.

…smile even if I don’t want to just to be nice and love a fellow Jew.

…give Tzedakah at home.

…volunteer to help my parents.

…when I come home from school I will always help my mother.

…help my brother and my Dad and my Mom.

…help my friend.

…make world peace.

…hold the door open for others.

…be nice to friends.

…be nice to people I don’t really like that much and help my parents.

…be nice to people.

…help someone with her kids.

…try my hardest to make my parents more happy.

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