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Wednesday, 24 November 2010 12:29

Picking up your Toddler

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Dear Parents, Being that the Toddlers are very light sleepers we ask that you do not enter the classroom to pick up your child if he/she is to be picked up before 3:00 pm. Please knock gently on the door and the teacher will gather your child with his/her things and bring him/her out to you. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.
Friday, 29 October 2010 12:48

Lunch Menu for November

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Please see attached for the November lunch menu. Shabbat Shalom!
Sunday, 24 October 2010 12:08

Emergency Carpool Needed

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Unfortunately, Mrs. Olla flew to Texas today due to the sudden passing of her brother. If you can help with carpool this week for two Olla children (Toddler class and Pre K class) to transport to and from school please reply to this email and/or call the school office at 845 634 0951 and ask for Mrs. Perline (ext. 109). The Ollas live on the way to school for most people so it shouldn't be out of the way.
Monday, 23 August 2010 17:56

New school year information

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Dear Parents, We are looking forward to a wonderful year of learning with your child at The Hebrew Academy/Chabad Early Childhood Center. The information for the new school year (including school calendar, supply lists, nit checking information etc.) was sent out to all parents several weeks ago. If you did not receive a new school year packet please contact the school office at 845 634 0951 as soon as possible.
Sunday, 20 June 2010 13:19

We Have a Winner!

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Mazal Tov to The Hebrew Academy student, Yonatan Ratson, 6th Grade, 2nd Place Winner in Artscroll's WRITE, DRAW AND WIN CONTEST! Yonatan was awarded $350 to purchase Artscroll books. Yonatan's story was chosen from among 2,000 other entries from over 100 schools in United States, England and Israel. Yonatan's exciting story (reprinted below) dramatized the harrowing and courageous experiences that his grandfather, Nathan Greenstein, encountered during the Holocaust. Yonatan's retelling of his grandfather's experience was written in a very inspiring and moving way. We are proud of you, Yonatan! May this award inspire you to read many more Jewish books and perhaps even write a book one day!
Monday, 03 May 2010 12:17

Lunch Program

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The cost of lunch for the upcoming month of May will once again be $42 per child. Please send in the enrollment form with your check payable to The Hebrew Academy by Wednesday of next week. If you wish to enroll a child who did not receive lunch this month, please notify the office byMonday morning, May 3rd. If you wish to discontinue enrollment of your child, please contact the office immediately, the caterer charges us for each student in the program! Thank you to Dr. Chana Haymov and Mr. David Kornblum for volunteering their valuable time to serve lunch again this month! We need more parents to be involved and lend a hand! Call the school office to sign up for a day or two. Any assistance you can provide is a tremendous help.
Wednesday, 21 April 2010 17:40

Make the world a better place!

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On 28 Nissan, 5770, The Hebrew Academy students learned about this special date. ‘28’ is the numerical value of the word ‘koach’ and Nissan is a month of especial ‘koach’ – strength and power. The 28th of Nissan is the ‘strength of the strength,’ so to speak, and therefore is a powerful day on which to make a resolution. On this day The Hebrew Academy students pledged to help bring Moshiach closer. They said: To make this world a better place I will… Pre Schoolers said: …smile a lot today. …put money in the Tzedaka box. …plant flowers. …pick up the toys. KINDERGARTEN said: …listen to Hashem and daven to Him. …Daven. …Mitzvos like helping a stuck car or giving Tzedakah. …visit or help someone who is sick or help my parents. …pick up garbage outside. …make sure nobody steals anything and be good to our Morot. 1st GRADERS said:…
Wednesday, 14 April 2010 18:27

Children's Jewish Book Month Contest

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Get Ready! Get Set! Get Reading! Children's Jewish Book Month Contest Grades 1-2: Drawing contest: Draw an original picture (8 ½ x 11) related to a specific page in your favorite Jewish-themed book. Drawing must be original; copied illustrations will not be accepted. (Include book title and page number with submission) Writing Contest: Write a 50-75 word essay on one of the following topics: My favorite Jewish Book, My Favorite character from a Jewish Book. Grades 3-5: Drawing contest: Draw a picture (8 ½ x 11) related to a specific page in your favorite Jewish-Themed book. Drawing must be original; copied illustrations will not be accepted. (Include book title and page number with submission). Writing Contest: Choose one of the following: Write a 150-200 word essay on the topic: Why reading Jewish Books is important. "Interview" a character from your favorite Jewish-themed book. Write at least five questions, each one…
Wednesday, 24 March 2010 20:48

Happy Pesach!

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The Hebrew Academy would like to wish all parents, students and staff a Chag Kasher V'sameach! We will see you all, G-d willing, after the Pesach break on Thursday, April 8, 2010.
Sunday, 28 February 2010 21:24

Shushan Purim

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Students are to come to school on Shushan Purim, Monday, March 1, in Purim Costume. A special program is being organized for all students.
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