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Sunday, 10 October 2010 18:34

Policy regarding food brought in to school

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Dear Parents,

Please be aware that all foods brought in to school for parties or situations where the food will be shared with other children in the class or school MUST conform with guidelines stated in the attached Kosher List. In addition, ALL FOODS MUST be shown to either Rabbi Kotlarsky or Mrs. Perline BEFORE being brought in to class.

Please see the below for Kosher Information.

The following is a list of recommended Kosher Supervisory Agencies, whose products generally are acceptable for class celebrations, snacks, lunch etc. Today there are well over 100 Kashrut symbols that identify the Kosher Supervisory Agency that supervises the product. To keep things simple, we have limited the list to the following main symbols:

  1. The O-U
  2. The O-K
  3. The Chof-K
  4. The Star-K
  5. The KAJ

Please note that for celebrations in school, we use only milk products that are Chalav Yisrael. Unless clearly marked as Chalav Yisrael, products under the supervision of the O-U, O-K, Chof-K, and Star-K usually are not Chalav Yisrael.

Food packaging bearing a K only is insufficient: according to New York state law, anyone, Jewish or not, can put a K on their products, even without an Rabbinical supervision! One must know who is ‘behind’ the K, and whether they are a certified, reliable kosher supervisory agency.

Baked products may be purchased from the following bakeries:

  • Zishe’s Bakery - Rt 306
  • Glaubers Bakery (behind Hatzlocho) on Maple Avenue
  • Gruenbaums Bakery Washington Heights (products may be sold in Wesley Kosher or Monsey Glatt (behind Jerusalem Pizza)


  • Paskesz
  • Liebers
  • Gefen
  • Kemach
  • Kedem
  • Kitov
  • Beigels
  • Yerushalaim Baked Goods (available in Costco).

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